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How it works




The first day process (2/3 hours)

  • Go over the Contract 

  • Take copies of everyone's DL, insurance cards and permit to practice and operate our vehicle.     

  • Inspection to vehicle for license plates, stickers, registration and insurance. 

  • Pre-trip the bus for damages.  

  • Signing of the contract, damage sheet, addendum sheet (not a trainer) create folder

  • Take payment. 

  • Distribution of pre-trip study material

  • Go over Pre-Trip inspection.


  • Vehicle check

  • Inside front to back

  • Outside front to back:

  • Compartment  

  • Suspension

  • Wheels and Rims

  • Exhaust

  • Brake Chamber (how and what to check for in defect)

  • Airbrakes

How the Air brake system works

Checking the Air brake system (what to look for)

The Air brake to test (5)

Skills Practice -Draw skills with spray paint and set out cones.

Driving Practice -Turning curves, using your signals, white lines at a stop and going over the railroad tracks procedures.

Review and Scheduling

Test Time!

Full License

A full Commercial Driver's License includes a Class “B” CDL with Air Brake and an unrestricted Passenger endorsement.


Endorsements "P" or AB


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